50 Simple Weight Loss Tips

50 Simple Weight Loss Tips

We asked our clients, readers, and friends to offer up some of their best weight loss tips. The response was overwhelming! We picked the top 50 tips to share with you.

  1. Stick with some type of accountability group. – Janet Peterson
  2. Don’t give up everything and be too strict. If you have all or nothing thinking, it will backfire in the long run. – Janet Peterson
  3. Use local raw honey instead of refined sugar. –Clay Harper
  4. Go easy or eliminate the processed food. Alexandra Castellano
  5. Keep track of what you eat every day for at least a full month. Then review and analyze where you need to cut out. – Nathan Beaty
  6. Cut the sugar and high starch grains/vegetables. – Amy Seiter Hart
  7. Eat lots of raw organic fruits and vegetables. I lost 15 pounds in 28 days doing this. -Bertha Martinez
  8. Use an app like ‘My Fitness Pal’ to keep track of dietary intake & exercise output. – Renee Braithwaite
  9. after learning that my youngest had sensitivities to dairy, gluten, and corn, I cut all those out in order to continue to nurse him. Changed my diet to a lot of veggies and fruits, did away with a TON of pre-packaged foods thanks to good ole corn (which is like glitter – once you open it it is EVERYWHERE!!!), and nursed. Dropped the 40lbs I gained during pregnancy plus an additional 25lb all before he turned 9mo. Did nothing different other than the diet change between him and his older brother (which I did lose all 40lb I gained with him as well by 1yo). – Am Pollard
  10. Focus on what you can add into your diet rather what you should take out. Add in more fruits, vegetables, greens, water, and you’ll start to crave more of that. Slowly you’ll naturally want to say “no” to all the processed junk. – Yuliya Chernykhovskaya
  11. Use a small plate instead of a large one. – Lisa Wanless
  12. Quitting my office job. – Shaun Poore
  13.  Having a go-to meal that you can make quickly at any time that has a lot of protein/vegetables in it. I keep stir fry ingredients in my freezer and freeze several other decent things that I’ve pre-made that can be microwaved in a few minutes. Having food around that isn’t super calorie dense when I’m randomly hungry is massively helpful. Otherwise, I’d just be mindlessly eating chips or something and never feeling any fuller until I consumed almost a days’ worth of calories. – Shaun Poore
  14. Going for walks. It’s not super intense, they don’t have to be long walks. But if you do it consistently it helps a lot vs being purely sedentary. It’s also a great bridge to go from sedentary=>walking=>more intense exercise. Shaun Poore
  15. Get your thyroid checked. I’ve never dieted, but when I was messing around with my thyroid meds due to chronic pain, I lost 7 lbs in a few days. It made me realize that all my friends who struggle with intense weight gain are CLEARLY dealing with a metabolic issue. – Ann Brady
  16. Cut calories and workout more!. – Chanel Cumberbatch
  17. Log your food intake and be accountable to someone weekly. – Eve Herrera Rosno
  18. Not eating after 8 p.m. – Hershey Wier-Global
  19. Not worrying about ‘weight’. Weight alone does not constitute ‘health’. I’ve been watching my ‘size’ (gaining where I want, and losing where I should). Clothes fitting better. I’m looking better. People are commenting. – Joe Trevors
  20. Eating with balance. I’m heavy into fruit and veg. I’ve cut (most) dairy. I have my protein late (from natural sources). I also have a beer and a burger now and then WITHOUT worrying about the timing, or calling it a ‘treat’ or ‘cheat’. It’s a burger and a beer. I don’t ‘diet’. I eat. Long term thinking, people. No fads. No magic. – Joe Trevors
  21. I am active, without worrying about being in a gym. I have been trail riding (an aggressive ride) 10k every 2nd day (which is not to say I’ve missed a few), and then offset those with some basic weights, bands, outdoor chores, etc. Activity. Cardio and muscle. – Joe Trevors
  22. All of these may seem very ‘basic’, but I’m rebounding/gaining/losing at a faster rate than some around me (whom I know are ‘trying to lose weight’, living their lives by the almighty scale, or trying to stick to some catch-all calorie count), feeling better than I have in years, don’t experience the cravings, negatively-charged emotional setbacks (from a 1lb gain one week, or some such), and am looking great. Lose the scales. – Joe Trevors
  23. Sleep is the secret sauce to weight loss and is so overlooked when it comes to losing lbs. I find it even more important than exercise. – Donnie DeSanti
  24. Eat lots and lots of fresh vegetables. – Loren Lee
  25. I find it easier to focus on changing one thing at a time….and I started with water. For me, it was an easier commitment to keep and drinking at least 75oz/day reduced my appetite and kept me feeling more alert and happy. – Carrie Kester
  26. Like anything, finding your “why”. The best weight loss program in the world will be a failure if the person doing it does not possess the correct why. As in they will not have the right motivation to keep going. We must change the mind before we can change the body. – Brett Ackroyd
  27. If you need motivation to work out harder, find a group class that you enjoy. – Jodee Ballantyne
  28. Keep hydrated. Sometimes we mistake dehydration for hunger. Also cutting out sugar can drastically help cravings, weight, mood. Sleep is so important for weight and overall health. Lack of sleep can lead to poor choices & cravings. – Susan McVea
  29. My best tip is to look after your gut health and add probiotic-rich foods as well as lots of fibre to your diet. We have a couple of articles on our blog that could be relevant to your readers, and of course, we’d be happy to share your post around. – Irena Macri
  30. That to change your life, you must first change your mind. We’ve learnt that to be successful, there needs to be a shift in attitude from “I don’t know if I can do this” to “I’m a freakin’ badass and can achieve anything I set my mind to”. Changing your life is exciting. What is better than taking control of your health, fitness, mind, body, and soul?  – Lynda Cahill
  31. Create your OWN blueprint for success. Sure, look to other people for inspiration, but base your plan on your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses. Control your own life, don’t leave it in the hands of someone else. – Lynda Cahill
  32. Cut out dairy to help your body reduce belly fat. Andrew Gerry
  33. Routines and rituals take the thinking out of creating new habits and they set your world up for success. – Lynda Cahill
  34. Sleep! Get 7-8 hours every day, which allows your body to recover properly. – Soraya Turner
  35. If you have a sweet tooth or salty snack tooth, keep alternatives stocked such as fresh raspberries or hummus and cut up veggies ready in the fridge. Do not keep ice cream or potato chips in the house. – Renee Sieradski
  36. Eat natural sugar instead of artificial sugar. Allison Huish
  37. The best tip ever is to stand up every 20 minutes. – Renee Groskreutz
  38. Eat dessert slowly. Lynda Gerry
  39. Tracking food. Calories = good, macros = best. – Stu Furay
  40. I try to focus positively on adding in things I should eat instead of focusing on things I shouldn’t. I feel that positive mindset helps me overcome my tendency to get in my own way before I even begin! – Jessica Chester
  41. Reduce stress, because the rise in cortisol that comes from too much stress makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. – Barbara Foxworth
  42. I have used a product that contains Appethyl, a spinach derived ingredient that helps cut the cravings for the afternoon or evening munchies. – Allison Huish
  43. Alkalize – it gets rid of the acid in your body that is holding on to the weight. – Barbara Foxworth
  44. Lift heavy. Pete Blattner
  45. I tried taking Raspberry Ketones & they helped me jump over a weight loss plateau. – Heather Gerry
  46. I lost 130 pounds and it saved my life. I’ll try to make this short. Right when you wake up, start with hot lemon water. Twenty minutes later eat. The diet was fish, chicken, veggies, and half the amount of fruit that I ate in veggies for the day. This cleaned my system out. When I hit day three my body became very fatigued due to learning how to reuse food. After five days I was literally HIGH off eating right. I was 280 pounds but began to feel like I was 100. I made sure I got a minimum of nine hours sleep. That last hour did a crazy trick for some reason. It took me four years to lose the weight. It needed to be a life change, not a diet. – Jozlyn Petrease Johns
  47. Instead of high-caffeine energy drinks that make you full, focus on nutrients that give your body natural energy. – Andrew Gerry
  48. Pick hobbies that involve physical activities. – Andrew Gerry
  49. Focus on real food, go easy on processed ‘health’ food like shakes and bars. – Allison Huish
  50. Break a sweat every time you go to the gym or workout. Michael Blumenfurth

If you would like to share your own weight loss tips, please feel free to use the comments section below.

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