Are you a daydreamer, with a wandering mind?  Unable to concentrate?

When faced with a task that requires 100% of concentration, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who can give 100%.  Most of us would like to achieve at least 70%.  When the task is something we don't really want to do right now, we find other ways to distract ourselves. We convince ourselves that sitting down in front of the laptop equates to productivity, when in fact our mind wanders.  

Have you ever stood at the kitchen sink washing dishes only to have a great idea, or remembered something totally unrelated to washing dishes? How many times have you followed a recipe from start to finish without taking a moment to do something else or daydream of your next holiday?


Going astray

Daydreaming isn't a bad thing, some great ideas can come to fruition after daydreaming.  It also helps to take a break from the task and let your mind wander, then come back fresh. It can be disruptive though if by letting your mind wander, you end up spending longer on the task.  If you need to read a very detailed document, you might not take it all in if you let your mind wander too often.  Not a great idea to look out the window during an important meeting for too long.

Mindful meditation

Mindful meditation might be a way to help the daydreamers.  By consciously taking a set time to not focus on the task, to take a few moments to sit & breathe.  Consciously prepare for the task. Close the door with a do not disturb sign; set objectives and take a break when they are met; find your alert time of day and set a schedule to do those task at that time; motivate yourself with rewards.

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