Energy Drinks Could Be Killing Your Weight Loss Goals

Energy Drinks Could Be Killing Your Weight Loss Goals

Energy drinks have become a booming industry in just these past few years. In 2014 there was over 50 billion dollars worth of energy drinks sold. Or about 20 billion cans of these caffeinated drinks consumed. We’re becoming a nation that is sleeps less and stays up later. So it’s no wonder that energy drink consumption is on the rise. When you take one of these energy drinks you do feel a buzz and as though you’re burning calories at record speed. But beware, these drinks are no quick fix for weight loss.


Metabolism Booster

Energy drinks do provide a slight increase in your metabolic boost — meaning there is an increase in calories burned. This happens because the drink contains caffeine. This effect though is minimal. Columbia Health reports that caffeine from energy drinks may cause you to burn fewer than 100 extra calories per day. So be aware – taking these drinks does not give you a pass to consume more food. On average it takes 3,500 calories to burn (or lose) a pound of body fat. So if your plan is to only consume energy drinks, you will need to plan on well over a month to reach this goal.


Sugar Content

The boost in calorie burning will quickly stop if you consume the sugar-sweetened types of energy drinks (or better known as the non-diet types). These sugar filled drinks contain around 200 calories per 8 oz can. And those calories, and the energy burst you feel, comes from the sugar. If you’re not careful consume these extra calories can easily lead to weight gain, not loss. Especially if you do not cut calories elsewhere or burn extra calories throughout your day.


What about Diet?

Sugar-free energy drinks can contain anywhere from 0-12 calories per 8 oz can. But this doesn’t mean that they will still help you lose weight. According to NPR, diet beverages have been shown to help with weight gain. But why? These don’t contain calories. But it happens because of the way your body respond. These sugar free drinks contain artificial sweeteners that trick your body into releasing certain hormones. Hormones that the body releases when you consume regular sugar. Hormones like insulin are released every time our body consumes (or thinks we consume) foods that raise our blood sugar. And what happens is that over time, we start to release fewer of these hormones. So when your body does need to release the hormone after the candy bar – it might not happen. And this can have an effect upon your blood sugar levels  and your appetite.


Other Options

Most people wouldn’t say no to having more energy. But spending thousands of dollars a year on energy drinks and risking the negative health effects can outweigh the energy boost. So the question becomes how to boost your energy naturally. Hands down, the most natural way to increase energy is by supporting the body’s natural energy production. Basically we support the cells in our body to get more energy out of our food. There are a few key supplements that do this:


  • Acetyl l carnitine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Alpha lipoic acid



These 3 compounds improve the mitochondria function in your body. The part of your cells that converts food to ATP to energy. So by supporting your mitochondria function you increase your energy levels. And this energy increase happens for around 6-8 hours. With no negative effects.

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