Feel healthier in your lunch hour

Feel healthier in your lunch hour

eating a healthier lunch outdoors

No time to make changes in your health? You can feel healthier in your lunch break.

Color In

It's no longer for children.  Adult coloring in books is a popular choice to relax your mind, destress, and have a healthier mind.  We all have everyday stress and there are times when the stress in your life just won't go away, but you want a moment of relief.  Coloring images are soothing and calming, by focusing your attention on staying in the lines!  Have you ever seen a child stressed out by coloring in?

Color MeStress Free by Lacy Muckrow in Barnes & Noble

Green Break

You may not have the green space where you work or live, or get the chance to go outdoors.  Being in a green space like a park can lift your mood.  A University of Melbourne study found that all you need is 40 seconds of looking at a green space to feel good, healthier.  Those who looked at pictures of grassy meadows had a higher concentration level than those who looked at concrete landscapes. Change your computer screensaver to fields of green landscapes (1)

Find a Class

If signing up to a gym leaves you having a panic attack, try going to a 1/2 hour class. 

"What you're going for here is an accumulated effect, and it's not about the length of your workout, it's about the intensity -- that's what makes the difference," says Phil Tyne, director of the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center.

Try this HIIT workout for a healthier lunch break - source www.dailyburn.com

HIIT workout

Photo: Pond5

Switch Off Your Phone

Checking your phone for emails, social network, online shopping doesn't help your stress levels nor does it relax you.  Switch off your phone during your lunch break a few times a week, and notice how your stress levels diminish.

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