The Brilliant Ways We Make Our Products:

  1. We cut zero corners.
  2. We source our products exclusively from the USA.
  3. We only use vegetarian capsules.
  4. The only sweeteners you’ll find come straight from nature, not a lab.
  5. All of our products are non-GMO.

A Note From Our Founders, The Husband & Wife Duo of Andrew and Allison Gerry

Why are we such passionate crusaders for your health?

Because we each have our own stories of not taking our bodies for granted. For Allison, it started as a teenager who struggled to fight pilocytic astrocytoma, an inoperable brain tumor, and all of the havoc it wreaked on her body. For Andrew, it was talipes equinovarus, a severe foot impediment that led to years of crippling arthritis and pain. Tackling our nutrition played a vital role in not only healing our bodies but thriving in them.

We decided to create Brilliant Ways because we wanted to share our love of high-quality supplements that really work with a wider community. We understand how difficult it is to lose weight, have more energy and look better in your body with the traditional methods. Diet and exercise changes are challenging to fit into your schedule and are often tough to maintain. That’s why we’re all about integrating simple and effective nutrition products into your existing lifestyle—so you can start to overcome your health concerns in a quick and rewarding way.

To feeling happy, healthy and vibrant,

Allison and Andrew

Allison’s Favorite Product

My favorite product is Skinny Greens because for years I’ve struggled with my weight. Skinny Greens has helped me so much! It’s helped me curb my appetite, balance my hormones, improve my gut health AND lose those last 10 pounds without having to diet or cut out foods.

Andrew’s Favorite Product

I love Drive. Right now I’m a full-time student with long days and lots of classes. Drive helps me stay focused and energized for hours. Even my classmates have started to swear by it!

Allison’s Story, MS, RD

Growing up I was a pretty healthy child, but at age six it all began to shift. I started losing my hearing, I had issues with my stomach and weight started melting off my body. After years of searching for answers, I was finally given a diagnosis at age 13: pilocytic astrocytoma, or a benign brain stem tumor. Half of my tumor was inoperable. Chemotherapy and radiation were not the best options for my young body, so we began searching for natural remedies to shrink my tumor. We met with nutritionists, naturopaths, and anyone who could provide hope for us. It sparked my love and appreciation for good nutrition, exercise and proper herbal supplementation.

Before surgery I was very sick and skinny. After surgery my body rebounded and my weight quickly escalated. Numerous health conditions followed including hormone imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, hypothyroidism, severe acne, and more. I spent years and thousands of dollars seeing professionals who were never able to help me reclaim the health I had lost.

So I began to search for answers myself. I started to look at the cause of my health concerns, instead of only looking to cure the symptoms. I began learning about which nutrients would help my body naturally heal. I discovered that superfoods like ashwagandha would help balance my hypothyroidism, acetyl-l- carnitine would help my body produce more energy naturally, raspberry ketones would increase the lipase “fat burning” enzyme appethyl® and help curb my appetite, digestive enzymes could help with increased nutrient absorption and shrink tumors

…and much much more. It seemed there was a supplement for everything!

My pill basket began to grow and grow and grow. Suddenly I was taking handfuls of pills every day! It got overwhelming fast. I’d have to hit the aisles and pick up this supplement and that one to try to find the right combination of ingredients. There just wasn’t anything on the market that could completely solve more than one issue at a time.

Still, I believed 100% in the power of supplements, so in college I started working in the health and wellness industry. Alarmingly, I noticed how often these health companies would cut corners, reducing the amount of superfoods in their powdered greens, removing important digestive enzymes and outsourcing to other countries that provided inexpensive alternatives that just weren’t as powerful.

This is when the idea of Brilliant Ways was born. We only create products that I personally believe are needed. There are no other products available that match the quality, the potency, and the price of our products. For example: many companies are selling green vegetable-based powders for up to four times as much as our Skinny Greens™. Yet, these don’t contain the Appethyl®, the digestive enzymes, and the list of 26 other superfoods that we put in every bottle.

I believe in what we offer, and I use these products in my daily life. And I’m excited for the amazing results you’ll receive from them too.

Andrew's Story

My childhood was not as much of a struggle as my sweet wife’s, but it was no breeze either. I was born with severe club foot (talipes equinovarus). From the time I could walk, I formed severe arthritis in my foot, ankle, and knee joints. I was underweight, “walked funny,” wore glasses, had asthma and one friend through school. But after high school, I met a few good people who showed me the importance of taking my health more seriously.

Within a few years I had found a proper diet that fit my needs, exercised regularly, supplemented my body where I could not provide for it, and had major reconstructive surgery on my foot. The longest three months of my life were spent in a wheelchair and re-learning how to walk. The surgery was a success, but now instead of arthritis pain I had complete numbness. This is where I eventually found the need for some serious herbal supplementation to help reduce my inflammation, bring back the feeling in my foot, gain back the muscle I had lost and be an active, happy 24-year old again.

High-quality herbal supplements are a wonderful creation, but it’s annoying to take handfuls of them each day. There had to be a better (and less expensive!) solution.

Once I found that balance in my body, my entire life changed. Now I push my body to the limits with rock climbing and mountain biking, and I don’t let anything stand in my way.

Somewhere down the road I met Allison at a dinner party and knew she was the one. We shared the same health and life aspirations and decided to create Brilliant Ways together.

We are a team, and we intend to grow a company that is based on quality not a profit margin. We strive to have great products that prove useful, beneficial, and cost effective for everyone without the loss of quality



Where are We Located?

Mesa, AZ